Discover the surrounding area

We enjoy a fantastic, central location that makes it easy for you to discover the whole of Calabria.

At 8 km TROPEA and its aristocratic magic city, perched on a rock overlooking the sea, with its palaces, its courtyards, its portals, its alleys, its churches;

A 35 KM PIZZO: a lounge on the beach where you can taste the famous “Tartuffe” that is, hazelnut gelato, which is modeled closely on the palm of your hand, dome-shaped with a heart of melted dark chocolate and covered with a dusting of cocoa powder and sugar. Here also the Aragonese Castle, where Joachim Murat was shot.


15 KM NICOTERA: a real terrace over the sea from which to admire one of the most evocative landscapes that Calabria offers. With villages, museums (Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art and the Archaeological Museum) is one of the most beautiful, artistic, and charming towns of the province of Vibo Valentia, rich in history and art.

At 90 km to the south, Reggio Calabria, with its National Museum which houses the bronze statues related to the school of Phidias and a breathtaking view over the Strait of Messina


The plateau of the PORO, undulating, sloping to the sea, with Spilinga “capital” of the ‘nduja, the traditional sausage made with pork and pleasantly spicy chili.


On a clear day, you can see distinctly the Aeolian Islands: Panarea, Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli and finally with its massive structure and its smoking crater in his game of love with the sun!